All of us deserve to be happy!


Every moment we spend is always better than the previous one!

After 8 years I split with my ex-boyfriend, we felt that our passion became calmer and we are out of love, so there was nothing for us more apart from friendship. After splitting I was very happy to become single again and to get a lot of possibilities to see all my friends easily and live free life again. So, I was just dating and enjoying each day.

One day one of the best my friends suggested, she said something like “just try it”, “it’s fun to date with those people and in fact, you never know!” I reluctantly signed up because of curiosity, told anyone never, and after 3 days made Top 100 profiles that are most looked at. I met one man and had some dates with him, meanwhile chatting with Kevin also via email and texting throughout the nights and days over that time. Then I told the other man that I and Kevin were going to be just good mates as we were very alike and he seemed to be Okay with that.

Kevin and I in fact had very much in common; actually, we’d led the similar ways of life and had the similar memories though we grew up in the entirely different countries. After 3 weeks of dating my other partner, who I was endowing with the status “I doubt”, I knew where that time my heart was, it was with my Kevin. I split finally with the other partner I’d been seeing for a couple of weeks and gave my all to Kevin.

He gave me keys to his house after the first date and then we catapulted from there. Two days before our 1 year anniversary, Kevin proposed to me to go on Phang Nga Bay in Thailand. We will be married the next year! I cannot thank you enough, you made me met with my soul mate. Now every moment we spend is always better than the previous one. We cannot wait to become a family together so we live very happy ever after.

All of us deserve to be happy!

So, I want to say all single people in the world (there are a lot of them in reality) to listen to your friends, try out all means in order to find your soul mates, because nobody of you deserves to live a single life, but everyone deserves to have his or her hearts with someone. People shouldn’t miss or ignore the opportunity that is provided to them by Everyone of us deserves to be happy!

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