Am I doing it wrong? – Things for men to consider for a moment


Sometimes it’s just hard for men to realize that they are not right in their goings when dating women. Admitting their own mistakes troubles them more and, perhaps the most difficult thing of all is dealing with something that cannot be corrected or undone. Still, if you want to avoid getting into the situations with no way out or better prevent their appearing on the horizon of your dating, mind the following mistakes you can do even without realizing them.

Think whether it is the right woman for you or not

Unlike most of the women some men prefer to rush slap-bang into an enterprise of flirting, dating and developing potential relationships. Having met some girl (for instance at one of the popular mobile dating sites), they start trying to do everything to win her heart, despite the fact she can be simply a wrong type of woman for them. In most cases beautiful appearance is everything such men seek in women, without any idea of the possible incompatibility with any particular woman they choose for dating. And many of them get the worst of it from the very start. That is why, filtering out the wrong women for you is the important thing as well as the readiness to come out of a relationship in case you see or feel a woman shares little common interests with you, has diametrically opposite point of view at things that matter much for you, etc. And no matter how pretty she might seem to you at first – your ability to step aside from blind alley of long-term commitment with someone who doesn’t match you can be absolutely priceless.

Stop chasing one girl only – take a look around

It is a mistake that can be inferred from the previous one. More and more men today still get into the trap of making approaches to only one girl at a time. Spending much time and efforts on one person, they simply forget to think over some backup plan for dating an alternative candidate for relationships. So when it turns out the time and money were wasted on one person, a man get very disappointed and hurt at the best case. Therefore you should try meeting and flirting several girls at the beginning – of course, not trying anything serious with them. This will help you much to raise your chances of meeting that one special girl to become an appropriate match for you.

Be original – make women wait nice surprises from you!

Remember once and for all: your predictability, absence of imagination and lack of creativity are your worst enemies in the deal of dating with women. Women use to get enjoyment and fun from men – so give it to them to the full! Avoid clichés and commonplaces. Talk to her about interesting things and ideas, make nice little surprises, join her or invite her to share the most exciting life experiences – and she will be yours.

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