Cynthia and Jacob – together forever


Well, I must confess I have always known that there is someone special for me on Earth, but it was really difficult for me to find him. So after a couple of not very good relationships I thought to myself: “Cynthia, you’ve got to stop searching for someone on your own. There are enough people that could help you with that matter”. And so I came to the idea of joining one of the online dating sites. I decided to create a profile at To be honest, I didn’t expect to find there someone ideal there from the very start. I actually realized that this way could be long as well. But my friends and my colleagues supported me so I signed up for Zoosk and started browsing other people’s profiles.

Meeting Jacob

I came across Jacob’s profile in early June of 2013. I wrote to him first and soon we started exchanging messages regularly. Our connection was instant and soon I couldn’t imagine my life without his e-mails that always lifted the spirits of mine; it seemed to me that Jacob was also interested in me. So after a month of our communication or so (I don’t remember it for sure, it all was like in a dream for me), we decided that it was just the time for us to meet in person. It was just a casual meeting at a local Starbucks in the middle of the summer and we both felt very happy to see each other at in real life at last. But then our first date turned into a four hour experience that we ended up going to the zoo together. Jacob likes animals just as much as I do so he suggested it and I gladly agreed. We couldn’t stop talking about everything that we hadn’t discussed by that moment. It’s worth mentioning that, beside our love for animals we have so much other interests in common! So that night we both decided that it was a really great day when we met online at Zoosk.

Chemistry between us

After our first date, we texted, talked over the phone, and went to see each other at almost every weekend. We felt that there was chemistry growing between us, more and more. Jacob turned out to be the person created for me, the one I’d been waiting for. Later on he confessed me that he had almost the same thoughts about me. Thus, we managed to find each other under the sun, isn’t that great?

So it goes without saying that soon Jacob made me a proposal, and, of course, I answered “Yes!”. We are now arranging our wedding and I must say we are incredibly grateful to the online dating service of Zoosk, which helped us to find each other on the web.

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