Follow the fourth date tips to feel yourself comfortable during the date

Follow the fourth date tips to feel yourself comfortable during the date

Any date is a certain trial for everyone: for the teenagers and grown-ups, for divorced people and for single people, fourth date for single parents is also the problem. We offer you some pieces of information suitable for any date, as well as fourth date advice.

Rather often we hear the rule of five dates in various comedy films about love! But what do we know about this rule? And what have you heard about this? Is it really true? Does it really work? So, here are the main principles of 5 Dates and if you follow our fourth date tips you will avoid a lot of misfortunes:

The First: turn the head!

It can also be called “Examination”, as it is akin to that process carried out by the doctors! The date should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s just a meeting, nothing more. No matter where you are having this meeting: in the park, cafe, car, store, university. Within a couple of hours you will be able to understand if you would like to see this person again.

Attention, politeness, courtship, use everything to reach your goal: to ignite interest, surprise, intrigue, but at the same time to understand if this person is worth your attention! Everything goes off! But remember that you shouldn’t refuse to meet this person again due to some misunderstandings, because sometimes the date can pass under strange circumstances that do not allow you to give an objective assessment and the person in front of you doesn’t have the chance to open up fully. As you know, the doctor just suspects the diagnoses and prescribes you some analyzes to confirm everything during the second visit! So, the best fourth date advice is -give the second chance to yourself and the person you are dating!

The Second: digest!

As you know, eating alone can harm the kidneys. It’s better to meet in a cozy place with the person you want and order goodies and talk about anything!

This meeting will give you a lot of reasons to put a final diagnosis. During this date you will be able to test his/her attitude to expences and the line of conduct in a precarious situation! Do not get carried away and try to remember the goal you are stalking!

The date ended, involuntarily you analyze the information received and come to the conclusion that it is not enough. You need to know more! And involuntarily comes the understanding that you are drawn to this person! Any physician will tell you that your body started to produce phenylethylamine. It’s not terrible, it just means that it’s time to go on the third date!

The Third: an adventure!

What will it be? I can only imagine! You just have to arrange a meeting similar to the second, but add the shade of intrigue/ drive/shock! And you will be awarded for this! Light touch, gentle embrace, you’re closer! But do not make a mistake, stop! You’re like a surgeon, you are only planning the lines before the operation! The most important things are just going to happen! So do not act like a wild animal that has never seen a person alive!

The Fourth: romance!

You must obligatory remember that romance should be present all through the previous meetings. But it was on the fourth date that romance should spill over the edge of the flask filled with your emotions! Everything is done for you, everything is focuses only on you. All your desires are fulfilled, people around you are smiling and the level of emissions of pheromones in the air surpasses! Don’t you have a desire to reward this efforts generously! Look at the clock! The time of kisses has come!

As you understand, the fourth date is the most important, as it gives way to the next step of your relations.

The Fifth: the best!

It’s better to wait for some time before this date! Now, it ‘s time to meet a lot closer! Well, we ‘re not kids anymore, everyone understands what is at stakes!

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