How about SCORE your dating?


SCORE is the first mobile dating app, developed and launched by the Apptigo International, Inc. company. According to the company’s advertising claims, SCORE is “the ultimate interactive dating game that allows people to determine their compatibility via answering various entertaining and engaging questions” .

What else? Being designed exclusively to be played on various smart mobile devices, this new app is currently available for 100% free download in the Apple App Store and soon will be ready for all the users of the Android-based smartphones. Players of the SCORE can either search for “instant gratification” or eager anticipation types of play, and on the assumption of those invite anyone to play by:


joining a queue that shows other active players who want to play SCORE in their location, so that they could send invites/be invited through this queue;


taking the advantage of the interactive map showing pins of those who are currently available to play in some specific location (e.g. a bar/a restaurant/party) or


simply inviting their friends via e-mails, phone numbers or contact lists in social media.

Basics of SCORE’s gameplay in brief

SCORE starts with more than 800 various questions, subdivided into 16 different categories. Starting from mere “True or False” and “Have You Ever…,” these categories keep the players interested during the whole game. When one play set is fully completed, the SCORE’s users then generate a percentage-based score, calculated from the number of questions that were answered by them in the same way. After that they are given a five second viewing of each other’s profile pictures, which then gradually fade to an option screen with variants: Chat, SCORE Again, Save the SCORE or Quit.

The main idea

What was the idea that made Apptigo develop SCORE? The main reason was that more and more people today meet online through mobile dating sites and apps. In a well-known recent study, conducted by the Pew Research Center, researchers found out that one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or mobile dating app at least once; and a lot of people nowadays know someone else who uses online dating opportunities or who has found a lifetime partner in such a way. Moreover, 7 per cent of smartphone apps users (3% of all adults) claim that they have used a dating app on their mobile device.

So, time will show whether SCORE will become a truly entertaining experience for many people or will be soon replaced by the more successful Apptigo’s projects.

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