I’m living proof!

successproof It is true – go just for it and let cards fall where they may, frog still can capture the heart of a princess

Still frog can capture the heart of princess!

After losing a partner of 11 years I believed honestly that for me, love was a past thing.

My friend had met his mate of 7 years at millionairematch and have an ideal relationship. He suggested I sign up Millionairematch and with a small luck, at worst, I could date with someone who could accompany us on the motorcycle tours every now and again.

We decided to organize together a ride

After several coffees in various places I saw the amazing girl I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. I sent Stephanie a message after being blown away completely with her profile. I knew that she would be overloaded with thousands of emails as she was very beautiful, articulate and witty. She was online at the moment and responded that time immediately and then requested a chat! After having a conversation on the phone for 2 hours, on 3 or 4 occasions we decided to organize together a ride and grab a coffee at favorite haunt of mine, Pie in the Sky Cowan.

I knew I wanted to get to know her straight away, I also knew that I wasn’t exactly her type and I said so. Stephanie was amazed I’d read perfectly her mind – she thought that it was worth a 3rd date to find out about her more!

We had fallen in love within several weeks and now we are living together with an exciting future together. Stephanie is a truly unbelievable woman, happy, funny, incredibly beautiful inside with a massive heart.

I’m living proof!

At the time, I was right, she did have to wade through many messages and emails whilst on the online dating site Millionairematch.com. It is true – go just for it and let cards fall where they may, frog still can capture the heart of princess. I’m living proof!

To my dearest Stephanie, I love you very much and thanks you for loving me. Less than tomorrow and more than yesterday.

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