Money and Love can mix!


Money cannot buy love, but why not fall in love with a Millionaire! Here are several ways to meet a rich man and maybe marry him!

1. First of all, make sure your look is top notch. You do not have to wear expensive labels. In fact, wealthy people do not flash logos. Instead, be well groomed with nice hair and nails. Have some well made, quality items of clothing and wear good shoes.

2. Visit a neighborhood that is of upper class, but not very exclusive. That way you may actually get in! Go to Starbucks; keep your eyes open walking around for possible high status guys.

3. Go to public venues where educated people go too. A library would be a very good place, but try one in a big city. For example, in New York there on 42nd Street is the library that is VERY BIG!

4. If you dwell on the Florida or west coast, go to a polo match! Rich men are all of the time there!

5. Golf anyone? See if you are able to visit for a lesson a Country Club without being a member or joining. Ask for a tour or maybe get a weekend or part-time job working at a Country Club like Brandon and Brenda did on 90210!

6. Are you good friends with any lawyers or doctors? Ask if your friends have some single acquaintances. Or are you good friends with the nurse or receptionist at the office of your doctor? Maybe she could take you to the year’s Christmas party or other events that has many single doctors.

7. Here is another tip, go to different parties. If there’s a well connected college at your place of work, take the invitations to parties and go to there. Represent your company and be professional but scout out and socialize the men! And the free drinks and food never hurt either.

8. You can go to a fundraiser every several months. Buy tickets to a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Then when you’re there, make a donation for what you are able to afford. While there, socialize with single guys that are very interesting and see if you can meet a nice millionaire. If you do not, you have still done a nice thing to help people!

9. Matt Damon found his wife Luciana when she worked in a restaurant as a waitress! To get acquainted with a wealthy man, go to good restaurants. Go with girlfriends, during lunch and order just and dessert or appetizer. If you see some of prospective guys sitting alone, be curious to join them! You never know where you will meet your possible millionaire husband!

10. Be successful in millionaire dating websites! Even if you’re not very wealthy, but you’re successful with your profile, picture you will attract other rich people in online dating sites for rich, mainly men!

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