New dating partner for Jennifer Lopez?


It seems that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like to stay single for a long time. And, instead of looking for some new relationships through some of the dating websites for rich people, for instance, she prefers to start from the valid methods in real life.

Mass media highlighted not that long ago the abruption of intercourse between 44 year-old Lopez and her boyfriend for the period of two and a half years, professional dancer Casper Smart. And, judging from the recent rumors, circulating in various sources, Jennifer Lopez has already found herself another dancer to date with. More and more reports claim that she’s currently dating a new professional dancer from the “Dancing with the Stars” show. Coming back to the dating life, Lopez has chosen young Maksim Chmerkovskiy as her dating partner, according to New York Daily News.

May it all have started long before now?

In fact, both Lopez and Chmerkovskiy have already shown that there was some chemistry between them, after they performed together as a tribute to famous salsa dancer Celia Cruz. That was at the American Music Awards last year in November. Of course, many people might think and say that nothing happened between them then, because at that moment Lopez was still dating Casper Smart and Chmerkovskiy was in a relationship as well with a sports model Kate Upton.

But now, due to the fact that both performers are single at the moment, they may have decided to renew their relationships, bringing them to another level. Chmerkovskiy and Lopez were spotted together for the first time at Redbury Hotel in Los Angeles only about a few months ago – notably, just a week after Smart and Lopez officially confirmed that their romance had ended.

It was claimed that it hadn’t been an easy decision for both of them, but they had decided to stay friends. The main reason for their split was that their relationship couldn’t work with the distance. They both started trying to establish their own lives and careers and therefore couldn’t be together for a long time.

Some sources also report that Lopez is more likely to still keep things civil between her and her former passion Smart and that she actually still loves him. So anyway, it’s not going to be one of the breakups when people never see each other together again.

Still, let’s note that neither Jennifer Lopez nor Maksim Chmerkovskiy have yet given their commentaries on the dating speculations about them.

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