Our amazing success story

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Nothing could come between our love

We’d both tried SINGLEPARENTMATCH.COM, dating other singles with mixed consequences, and I’d noticed Edward before but somebody else asked me to have a date so I did not contact him. And Edward did not contact me. I have 3 kids and that idea possibly scared him!

We could cry and laugh

I did not click with the man who asked me out and I messaged Edward and really felt sad that he did not reply to me for 3 or 4 weeks. When I finally got an email from him, we chatted for a long time and we found our communication topics were almost similar, we could cry and laugh; we shared our feelings, and we had the same interests and goals, but what was the most important we had the same morals and values which was essential for both of us.

We went out on our first meeting after about 5 weeks of chatting on SINGLEPARENTMATCH.COM which are my favorite memories about meeting Edward for the first time – really just being allowed to know him better with no obligation or pressure.

He asked me out to a little cafe near to the place I live, we had dinner and then came to my house and just talked until about 3 am. I kissed his cheek before he left and I’d hoped at that time he would accept my style of family life, but I did not hold out a lot of hope for it.

Writing it makes bringing tears to eyes

But Edward did not run – we had such a comfortable relationship from the start, and had an ability to fall in love and communicate so comfortable as a result, that he had decided to become a family member. He cares for my children as though they’re his own and we love Edward so much that writing it makes bringing tears to eyes about how happy I am to found him and it is all thanks to occasion I happened to register on SINGLEPARENTMATCH.COM at the same moment as my soul mate. Thank you SINGLEPARENTMATCH.COM, it has been almost 3 beautiful years on 29 September 2011 since we met.

We’ve lived together for about 2 years now and have many plans and goals for our future. We’ve travelled to Europe two times, taken our kids on family holidays, and we’ve been also through a lot of difficult and amazing moments in our life together – and nothing possibly could come between our strong love. I have never known a love like ours before – it is the most beautiful feeling when you know that just ‘this is the one’!

The advice that Edward and I can give to other singles out there still looking for the match, is to be sincere when you interact, share feelings and thoughts and be always natural, say who you are and what you want and do not settle for the second best (we certainly did not settle for the second best!) – it is the only way to true love!

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