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The world of dating and the mere activity of meeting new people is something which often seems very simple but in reality is far more likely to be complex and difficult to succeed in. This is even more true in the modern day when the shape of society, the effect of social media and more invasive careers makes the traditional methods of dating both less common and less possible. It is for these reasons therefore that the online dating industry is one that is demonstrating a great deal of growth and expansion, in order to provide people with a modern alternative to these conventional dating methods. Therefore, it is no surprise that online dating’s popularity is growing almost exponentially, meaning that there are both far more members of online dating services and also far more dating services themselves.

The fact that there are a growing number of online dating services available, offers potential online daters with a great deal of choice as to where they should sign up, but how can they make sure they select the right service for them? This is an interesting question, and is one which these prospective online daters can only find the answer to if they entirely understand what each different service can offer them. For this reason therefore, the remainder of this article will try to offer some useful information to any potential new online daters by giving a summary of the key features and main advantages of one of the many services available; General Overview

The best way to begin this review is with a brief overview of what the site actually offers and how it works, and the obvious place to start this overview is with what itself claims to provide. The site’s homepage claims that the service was ‘created to introduce you to compatible local singles in your area’, and as such can therefore be placed amongst the group of dating sites which are designed to provide compatible matches to members in the hope of spurring relationships and long term commitments. The way in which the site claims to be different from these other sites however, is through its use of the so-called ‘Duet Total Compatibility System’, so it stands to reason that our Perfectmatch review must try to explain exactly what is meant by this. In short, the ‘Duet Total Compatibility System’, is the way in which the site matches members to one another by finding out aspects of each member’s personality, lifestyle, values and preferences. So, now that we know the bare bones of how the site works, it is time to take a look at some reviews from real members to discern the key advantages of the site. Advantages

When you do peruse Perfectmatch reviews from current and former members you do find that there are a great many perceived advantages of the service and some of the most notable are as follows;

- The site offers a guarantee that if you do not receive a certain number of matches in a pre-ordained time then your membership will be extended for no charge, and reviews from members reveal that this gives members a feeling of security and hopefulness.

- The comprehensive personality profile may take a little time to fill out but according to most reviews it does make a big difference in improving the quality of matches which the service provides.

- The site as a whole, and particularly the ‘Perfect Matches’ section, is easy to understand and navigate making the service accessible to a greater number of people.

So, it is clear to see that our review has covered a lot of ground, and as such it is worth summing up our findings as succinctly as possible. In Conclusion

The conclusion drawn by our Perfectmatch review is that the service offered by this particular online dating service is one of the easiest to understand and navigate, whilst also providing one of the most comprehensive profiling systems to improve the quality of matches generated.

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  • Best service for long-term relationships
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    • Filling very detailed profile could take a lot of time
    • No instant messaging
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