The true success story from the online dating site’s member


Relationship after Tragedy

After my relationship with a man crashed down in flames I joined one of the best online dating websites. I was not searching for a long-run relationship, better I wanted to jump-start my life as a member of society again.

The next that I know, I have met Nathan. Turns out both of us went to competitive high schools that are situated in the same location and graduated also the same year. We found out that we studied at the same university, and never met. Nathan and I had similar tastes in movies and music and he looked very hot in his pictures.

We behaved a little bit indifferent at first, though. He was driving out of the city on the holydays because of his mum’s illness, so we became penfriends. Because of the situation of his mum, Nathan spent almost all his free time on the road. But we talked almost each night, sometimes for 2 hours, sometimes for 2 minutes.

After that, I helped Nathan to deal with his mother’s loss to cancer. We were much closer than other online friends have some right to be. That was strange… as we had never met one another in person. For some reason, our impersonal nature let us connect to a certain extend I never felt with other men. I was his personal clown and his own amateur shrink, to support him to undergo the bad times. I think, I gave him something to look forward to.

So his mum dies and I felt very bad not being present at the funeral, because I had feelings like I knew her very well. (I sent flowers.) He told me he did not want that to go to our first meeting in person, but then we agreed to see about one month after.

We agreed to have a good friendship. Nobody of us knew if we would have some romantic chemistry, after the moment we met. Then we discussed our date, nevertheless we also discussed our expectations and how it might be better as will be friends. Nathan and I made a decision to be absolutely honest with each other, if the sparks were not there. That is an odd mean to find a romantic partner, both of us agreed.

When we met finally, it took three minutes to realize that there was stunning chemistry. We had a wild physical attraction, while Nathan and I felt like years back friends. This was like a love affair in a film. When we met personally, it was just a matter of filling all niches: getting to know the smell, the touch, the voice.

Since the first date Nathan and I have not been apart. I could not ask for better relationships, which established at a particular time of our lives.


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