Tips on dating a Japanese woman


Dating someone, whose culture differs from yours in various aspects of life is always a challenge, because there are always some lack of understanding and gaps to arise at the most inappropriate moment. However, if you are not afraid of undertaking this challenge, you are welcome to read the following piece of advice to help you know how to date a Japanese woman without making mistakes and efficiently cope with most of the obstacles on your way to her heart.

Differences in your cultures

Due to the globalization processes in the world, the typical situations in the living environment with people who belong to different cultures can avoid the majority of possible problems in communication or either they can be smoothed in most cases. However, dating as such – no matter whether you date online through the free dating websites, apps or in real life – supposes a bit closer level of intimacy, so keep in mind that it might take you some effort to overcome the difficulties connected with this.

The huge difference between the gaijin (a Japanese word which means “foreigner”) culture and the culture of the East will have a big impact on your intercultural relationships with Japanese women. It will become clear for you, starting out from the basic ways to establish successful connections – the styles of expressing thoughts and feelings differ very much. It is usual for us in the west to talk directly about things. In Japan, for people in general (and women in particular) it is not customary to express your feelings and emotions directly. At the same time talking about yourself in the third person is in the order of things instead. This restraint in relations is normal so don’t wait a Japanese women to take the first step or confess you in her feelings. Being too direct with her will rather scare her way from you than produce a good impression.

Family ties that bound

The next thing is that Japanese women do stick to their roots. Family it is not only a word, it is the notion, which is very important for Japanese women. So be prepared for the situation when her the thoughts and opinions of her family about you might largely influence her decision in your favor. Even if she now lives far from her home and her family – such things are not to be taken lightly by you. But since you now know about this and how it can potentially cause problems in your future relations, you are forearmed – so turn it to your advantage.

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