Top reasons of why men use to fail in online dating

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According to the information from the Pew Center, known for its surveys on dating websites and online dating as such in particular, in our time about 59 per cent of the Internet users think that free online dating sites are a good way of meeting new people and interesting connections. But that doesn’t mean, of course that everyone is successful at it. As a matter of fact, judging by the words of almost 75 per cent of women, who visit various seminars and join webinars in order to improve their dating skills, most men are definitely doing something wrong, something that frightens away women at nearly breakneck speed. Why? Let’s try to make it clear for now why men are rejected so often.

Profile unreliable information = lies

The surveys that were undertaken in the year of 2011 and onwards helped to disclose the striking tendency of men who use to lie in their profiles about themselves even more than women! The false information is usually given by men about income (which is quite understandable), height, weight and even age. About 33 per cent of all men use to change the year of their birth – in comparison with only about 17 per cent of women who want to seem younger. So, it stands to reason that when the truth finally reveals, a man loses many points credibility.

Men have difficulties even with creating their profiles

According to the Pew survey, about one third of women usually ask some of their friends for help when either fulfilling or updating their dating profile. And the number of men who act the same equals to 16 per cent only. So the situation looks like men don’t want to change anything and therefore use to have fatal errors in their profiles, while women are trying different approaches towards the information presented in their profiles, choose different photos, redesign the profile with the help of their friends or family members and so on.

Lack of competitive spirit?

Modern websites for online dating make the whole search process for the right person quite simple, that is why men, who don’t feel the rivalry of real life dating, keep sticking to the same strategy of finding the hottest cutie ever online. Women in turn evaluate all the men according to a lot of criteria, stability, income, confidence and sense of humor being among them.

So, we can only hope that with newly launched dating apps and latest developed options of the online dating websites men will have more opportunities to catch up with successful women and avoid making mistakes that lead to fails.

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