Women’s fails when dating


Want to know mistakes to be avoided when you start dating a man without major problems after you’ve met him at one of the popular free mobile dating sites? Here they are!

Indelicate clinginess

Strictly speaking, the same trivial offence can be actually assigned to both men and women. But men tend to be clingy intentionally, while women sometimes just don’t realize they are getting on men’s nerves with their importunity. Some of the most widespread typical ways to be clingy include, particularly…

Your affection signs. All those hugs and kisses – let them become a natural thing. Keep in mind that some guys are not ok with this and can even avoid too much of the physical contact you are longing for, so that it become another minor turn-off. At the very start of your dating allow him take the first steps in order to know more about his personal level of intimacy. Just make sure it won’t appear to be too much for both of you.

Communication via the phone (or Skype)

You know, it’s your man that is supposed to phone you twice as many times as you phone him from time to time – and not the other way around. Don’t call him back immediately after you missed his call – you can always do that later. Again – following this principle is particularly important at the beginning of your relationships with him. Let him take initiative and be responsible for expressing ideas and arranging things. And don’t importune him with your telephone calls unless you have got a really good reason to talk to him.

Agreeing with him in everything

It’s another popular mistake, in a manner of speaking. Being too compliant and dealable might produce a false impression on him and tell him that you are easy. Not the best idea to start some new relationships, how do you think? Meet with the other friends of yours apart from him but at the same time try not to cancel anything of the prearranged dates. Be mindful that you can postpone your date at any moment as well. For that purpose make it your rule to pay attention for the peculiar deadlines when you are either going to accept the date invitation or not. Strange as it may seem to you, but sometimes men use to appreciate the idea of your own private life, leisure time and interests. The reason for that is simple. They just worry much if they realize that they have to entertain you.

Rushing fences with sex

A bit confusing fact for you to learn in conclusion – those women men prefer to choose for settling down with are among those who are demanding in the questions of sex. The right bedtime is different for every single taken woman, so try to choose it properly for yourself. Remember that it’s less difficult for any woman to step aside from relationships in case she hasn’t had sex with a man.

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