A joke that helped me to find my love


How it began

Once I met a young man on a dating site called flirt.com. I wrote to him first, he answered. On the same day I asked him to datein a real life. He asked, “And what shall we do?” I offered him several options: to go to the movie, to visit a concert or theater… He agreed to go to a movie. I invited him to meet the day after tomorrow. He said: ‘Why don’t we meet tomorrow?’ I answered that it is possible to date tomorrow. I gave him my cell phone number so that he could call me and we could agree about the date in more details. He wrote to me that he would call if he could, even though he offered to meet the next day.

How it went on…

As a result, the next day he did not call. A few days later he wrote to me on a dating site and we had exchanged some short messages, winks, hugs and other trifles like that. But neither he nor I mentioned the previous agreement to date. We had quite a lively correspondence with him for some time. Once he jokingly suggested that we could date at about 3 am, when we were discussing what could happen if we were taking a shower together:) But he did not offer to date any more. As a result, our correspondence somehow faded. I was sure he liked me and I liked him too.

Then, suddenly I received a rather short and strange message. It says, ‘Are you available tonight?’ I haven’t answered yet, when another message came, ‘I’m waiting for you tonight! When and Where?’

It seemed rather unbelievable for me, because he wasn’t so impatient before and didn’t even hint about a date. But I certainly agreed and told him the time and place. He sent me a kiss in return.

Although I was not sure that he would come, I did my best to have a splendid look. And we really met that evening and we are together for 2 years already. He is just the person who I was dreaming about and he didn’t disappoint me since that first unsuccessful date. But neither he nor I have ever mentioned that unhappy first date until recently. Only several months ago I had enough courage to ask him about this. I was greatly surprised when I heard the truth. The first time it was not him who agreed to date with me, but his younger brother Eddie (he was 16 then).

And how it ended in a success!

Eddie just wanted to joke and registered his brother Danny on the adult dating site and posted his profile in the database. But then he confessed about this and Danny started correspondence with me and he liked me, but he was afraid to invite me for a date because he thought I didn’t believe him. So Eddie did this for him. Thanks to Eddie and the flirt.com dating service I’ve found true love and I wish the same to everyone!

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