Success Stories

The true success story from the online dating site’s member

Relationship after Tragedy After my relationship with a man crashed down in flames I joined one of the best online dating websites. I was not searching for a long-run relationship, better I wanted to jump-start my life as a member … Read more

Nick and Helen – there’s something special about online dating after all

Better believe that the right time will come… And so the fairy tale summary of our meeting and online dating goes the following way… One Saturday evening I was sitting at home, surfing on the internet and decided to visit … Read more

0089 finds soul mates!

Saying “Yes!” was the best possible response I’ve ever given! It was November 2011; I was 32 and decided to turn to the as my younger sister was dating a guy she met on this website. I thought that … Read more

A joke that helped me to find my love

How it began Once I met a young man on a dating site called I wrote to him first, he answered. On the same day I asked him to datein a real life. He asked, “And what shall we … Read more

People of all ages can meet their match online

I’ll tell you my love story… This is a real love… We lived at a distance of 300 km from each other, but we met on the Internet. In general, many guys wrote to me but I was just amused: … Read more

I’m living proof!

It is true – go just for it and let cards fall where they may, frog still can capture the heart of a princess Still frog can capture the heart of princess! After losing a partner of 11 years I … Read more

Talks were easy; we had enough friends in common

It was the perfect time for romance and I just must let it happen Noel contacted me by email directly, no messing around or sending of kisses, introducing himself in the afternoon I decided to take myself off because … Read more

Cynthia and Jacob – together forever

Well, I must confess I have always known that there is someone special for me on Earth, but it was really difficult for me to find him. So after a couple of not very good relationships I thought to myself: … Read more