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Video: AYI.com: Find Someone Who Loves What You Love

AYI.com: Find Someone Who Loves What You Love

For many people the dating world can be a confusing and frustrating one, and this is a trait which is only likely to increase as people become more and more disconnected due to the ways of the modern world. What we mean by this, is that as people become more career focussed and also tend to connect with friends and family digitally more often than in real life, it is only likely to become more difficult to meet new people and begin dating in the same ways in which people did just a handful of years ago. It is because of this therefore, that the industry of online dating has risen up and is now expanding and growing rapidly, as it feeds into people’s obsession with the virtual world and lack of time or inclination for real life connections.

It is clear as a result that the growth and expansion of online dating is only likely to continue, and one way in which it is likely to grow is with the advent of more and more different types of online dating service. This obviously offers prospective online daters with more choice as to which site may be for them, but does mean that they need to devote more time to ensuring that the service they do eventually choose is the best one to suit them. It is because of this that the remainder of this article will take the form of an Ayi.com review, discussing and analysing the features and advantages of this particular service for the benefit of anyone who may wish to sign up to the site in the future.

Ayi.com General Overview

The best way to start any Ayi dating review is with a brief overview of the site’s features and how the service works, and the easiest way to get a handle on this is by analysing first how the site describes itself. According to the site’s homepage it is a way of allowing people to ‘Meet People Through Your Friends and Interests’ and it is this which differentiates it from many other dating sites. This is true as the main focus of the site is to connect people with others who share interests in common, and who already know some common friends or acquaintances, with the idea that this will increase the possibility of the two people getting along. A final important point to note about the site is that sign up is most easily achieved via Facebook, whereby the site pulls your details from your Facebook profile, and is also entirely free. So, now that we have a fair idea of the main characteristics of the site, it is time to turn to some AYI dating site reviews to glean what member’s believe to be the main advantages offered by this service.

Ayi.com Advantages

When you do analyse AYI reviews from current or former members it becomes clear that there are a couple of key advantages of the service. Firstly, many AYI reviews flag up the fact that the service is entirely free as its most notable advantage for the obvious reason that it saves a great deal of money in comparison to other sites which can actually cost quite a lot due to subscription fees. Secondly, many an AYI dating review also lauds the site for being so easy to use and understand, as this makes the service accessible to even the least technologically savvy individual. Finally, many members also find it an advantage that the service is available across a number of platforms, in that it can be used as a website, via Facebook or as a mobile app.

Ayi.com In Conclusion

In conclusion therefore, our Ayi.com review has found that the site does offer an innovative option to any potential online date who may wish to try to meet people who share their interests or have common friends, and also offers this option via a multi-platform approach.

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