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Best sites for dating at long distances

Tired of being apart from your partner at long distance? Mobile dating websites might be the only solution of the problem for you! Meet some of the best free resources on the web to keep you both of you in … Read more

LoveBeginsAt.con launches for mature singles

DATING PLATFORM AND ONLINE LIFESTYLE, LOVEBEGINSAT.COM LAUNCHES FOR MATURE SINGLES Life changes when turning 40, including one’s dating style – and until now there hasn’t been an online dating experience specifically created for single people in their 40s. Launching today, … Read more

A challenger appears: new app startup project for thinking people

What is this all about? The developers of a new dating application called Loveflutter seem to stick to the opinion that modern dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Lulu or mobile sites like, or zoosk serve the only purpose … Read more

Dating online? Speed dating offline!

Online vs. real life? Found someone attractive among the rest? Swipe right at his/her photo. Wait a bit for the same action from another side… Got a match? The contact is established, have fun! This is how the dating process … Read more

Online Dating Site Explores The Modern Way Of Finding A Perfect Match

We help individuals to find a girlfriend or boyfriend Over the years, the online dating websites have undergone tremendous changes. Gone are the days when people need to actually meet and see each other personally to find that “spark” and … Read more

A survey about the attitude of the Americans towards dating

According to the survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center – a nonpartisan, non-advocacy think tank based in Washington, the majority of Americans are getting on good terms with online dating websites, and a lot of people succeed in finding … Read more

Top reasons why people don’t want to choose online dating

The Internet isn’t safe for dating So is the real world around you, isn’t it? And online dating websites can boast the truly safe and secure procedure of getting to know someone and learning information about his or her hobbies, … Read more

The Serious Part of Online Dating

While talking about dating can either tickle the funny bone or hit a raw nerve on some, when it comes to taking your pursuits online keeping yourself protected in mobile dating websites is a serious business! According to the ACCC, … Read more

The effective recommendations of Professors to avoid dating fraud

Romantic illusions allow online dating fraud to flourish Since international criminal gangs more and more target social networking and online dating sites, as a way of wringing out money of unwary victims, research done by the ESRC tells that entirely … Read more

How about SCORE your dating?

SCORE is the first mobile dating app, developed and launched by the Apptigo International, Inc. company. According to the company’s advertising claims, SCORE is “the ultimate interactive dating game that allows people to determine their compatibility via answering various entertaining … Read more