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The effective recommendations of Professors to avoid dating fraud

Romantic illusions allow online dating fraud to flourish Since international criminal gangs more and more target social networking and online dating sites, as a way of wringing out money of unwary victims, research done by the ESRC tells that entirely … Read more

How about SCORE your dating?

SCORE is the first mobile dating app, developed and launched by the Apptigo International, Inc. company. According to the company’s advertising claims, SCORE is “the ultimate interactive dating game that allows people to determine their compatibility via answering various entertaining … Read more

Top reasons of why men use to fail in online dating

According to the information from the Pew Center, known for its surveys on dating websites and online dating as such in particular, in our time about 59 per cent of the Internet users think that free online dating sites are … Read more

Recent research: challenges single parents face during dating

Challenges of dating as a single parent Being a single parent is probably one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. This delicate balancing act involves about as much discretion and responsibility that any individual could possibly handle. From … Read more

Novelty in the online dating industry Partners Can Find a Date Based on Ex One with Facial Recognition Partnership You may say you are looking for a possible mate that the same appearance as Scarlett Johansson or George Clooney, but chances are when you do … Read more

New dating partner for Jennifer Lopez?

It seems that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like to stay single for a long time. And, instead of looking for some new relationships through some of the dating websites for rich people, for instance, she prefers to start from the valid … Read more

Scammers: the phenomenon of dating websites

Statistical figures speak for themselves More and more people these days, who are lonely and new to the world of the online dating are burned by scammers or people who use online dating websites (especially those of them, aimed for … Read more

Can you take care of your “digital assets” before you die?

What happens to your “digital assets” if we are gone? You have probably decided who gets a house or that heirloom up of the family in the attic if you die. But what happens with your online dating account and … Read more

The best city for singles: Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one of the best cities for singles, study says As a person who has been close to the dating block for a couple-fourteen-fifteen times, ask me and I will tell you that Minneapolis is a very good place … Read more

Dating Website Prepares for Celebrating 5 Years Birthday Online

Dating Big Girls. Online Dating Website Celebrating 5 Years Online Dating Big Girls site announced today it is celebrating their inaugural opening in 2009. Website is opening its dating community of plus size to the world. Beginning with a little … Read more