Dating apps: love promised… too much of it


What’s the main problem with dating online?

The point is that in our time, when giant apps like Tinder or OKCupid and mobile dating sites run the show and encourage its users for more and more matches every day, in the end people are not actually successful when dealing with too many of the dating options available. There is the overload of choice of potential partners for dating which subsequently leads to some kinds of emotional and cognitive burdens. Known also as compulsive shopper syndrome, this results in real difficulties in finding that special someone among hundreds of potential candidates. These results were taken from a study of 2012, which was published by the Association for Psychological Studies.

Solutions? Example of the successful experience, taken from life

And the so-called dating pool is only growing in its size. But the matter is that not everyone is fond of sorting out dozens, hundreds of profiles in order to find a match. It happened so with one woman, Jennifer Crawford, 31, who felt even limited in her dating choice. About a year ago she couldn’t afford much of her time finding that-guy-of-her-dream. She was studying about seventy hours a week (and working hard for a healthcare company in Chicago at the same time). Anyway, she had a wish to find a dating partner, so she created a profile on one of the newest dating apps by that time – Coffee Meets Bagel. This dating app seemed to be a good choice, as this app didn’t at least spam her with endless messages from all the interested guys so it didn’t waste her precious time.

Coffee Meets Bagel sent her one potential match at a time, every single day at noon. She could respond immediately to it, ignore it, or take some time to think over it – in other words, she managed to fit the app into her lifestyle. Another free dating application that is currently on the rise, Hinge, features almost the same approach, although the number of potential matches sent to you can be equal up to 15 people a day.

It all supposes that the apps’ users can’t get more potential candidates for dating than they can deal with – and it became a real helping hand for Jennifer, who suffered from the men’s mainstream strategies of sending ilk initial messages to all women when swiping right on every single profile they came across. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that you won’t receive some spam messages but both Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel apps seem to provide a real convenient alternative for people, only connecting them with friends of friends on Facebook.

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