How Does Online Dating Work?


How does an online dating work in reality?

A: How does an online dating work in reality?

B: In its simplest form, actually online dating works when following the next steps.

Step 1: You register on one of the most popular online dating services or maybe on two and more.

Step 2: You create your profile making it to be attractive and interesting for possible partners and upload a recently taken picture.

Step 3: You look through a vast number of different profiles and matches on the particular online dating service and send first initial messages to the members that are appealing for you. They may send a responding message if you are interesting for them.

Step 4: You are communicating with your possible matches through “emails” to each other via this online dating service.

Step 5: Then your conversation can be moved to your “regular” email address or phone (here regular is put in quotes because a member of online dating website should use his/her separate email than his/her own for online communications in dating purposes).

Step 6: When it comes to a date in person you arrange your first meeting deciding on the place and time with your online dating partner.

Step 7: You are on your first date! You look very good. You are smiling and feeling comfortable.

Step 8: The next step is up to you! Actually, it depends on the outcome of your first meeting. If things go well your next step in few weeks or months can consider marriage!


We have put together an online dating guide that shows you all the process in-depth. For instance, when registering on an online dating websites, you should decide on the type. Have you decided to turn to general services (where you can observe members’ profiles and they also can see yours – for example, or have you decided to use the relationship services that have you fill out a personality quiz then matches you with members (for example, eHarmony)? If you are looking to random date people hoping to find “the one”, we recommend you to take an advantage of general online dating websites. If you are looking for a long-time and serious relationship, we can recommend you relationship services that are focused on matchmaking functions.

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