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There are few industries in the modern day which are growing in popularity and reach more rapidly than that of online dating, and yet there does seem to be at least some form of a stigma attached to utilising online dating services. This is wholly unfair and illogical when you consider the fact that online dating merely serves to solve a very real problem created by the very nature of the modern world. This problem is that with more demanding and time consuming careers many, many people are finding it far more difficult to get out there, meet people and date in the way that they may have done just ten to twenty years ago. Therefore, it is clear to see that anything which provides an alternative and arguably easier way of connecting with other people should be lauded and accepted rather than looked down upon, and the rapid growth of the online dating industry does suggest that this is starting to happen.

As a result of both this rapid growth and the slower, but still very real, change in attitudes what we see today is that there are ever more online dating services being established and attracting members. This, at face value, is great news for anyone looking for an online dating site to join as it offers a greater degree of choice, however there is inexorably also the issue of having to work to make sure you make the right choice. It is with this in mind therefore, that this article will aim to be an honest and frank Howaboutwe review, summarising and discussing the relative merits of this particular online dating service. This Howaboutwe review will achieve these aims by both offering a brief overview of the site and how it works, before then discussing the advantages and benefits of the service. General Overview

This review will begin with a brief and general overview of the site and the best way to start this is by explaining what the site itself claims to offer. The home page of the website states that it is designed to ‘help you go on better dates’, and this is important as it shows how the site is different to almost all other dating sites. This difference is that it is focussed on offering and suggesting real life dates rather than organising and facilitating online communication and contact. Furthermore, the site also offers dating suggestions and possible dates for couples, rather than only catering for singles.

The site works, in general, on the premise of members posting their favourite date ideas, finding a member who is tempted by that particular date and then going on the date with them and seeing what happens. Therefore, it can be said that this particular dating site basically combines the modern practice of online dating with more traditional dating. So, now that we know basically how the site works it is time for us to examine some Howaboutwe reviews from members to find out what advantages the site offers. Advantages

When you do look at Howaboutwe reviews by members there are a number of advantages which come to the fore and they include the following;

- The Howaboutwe cost is refunded if you fail to secure any offline dates.

- reviews reveal that former and current members believe that the site’s approach is conducive to a more fun and wholly more natural way of dating than you get with many of the more conventional dating services.

- Both setting up a profile and navigating and using the site is quick and easy to understand. In Conclusion

So, what is the overall message of this Howaboutwe review? In short, this review has discovered that the innovative and unique outlook of the site helps members to enjoy a more natural dating experience and have fun when going on actual, real life dates. Is Howaboutwe free? Not entirely, but if you are tempted by an online dating service which also allows you to enjoy the thrill of real life dating, then this site may be for you.

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