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There are few aspects of modern life which are not affected, change or at least infringed upon by the internet in one way or another, and this is certainly true of dating and meeting new people. This is the case as, with the increased pace of life and growing focus on careers and working lives over private lives, the traditional ways and means of meeting new people and turning those meetings into something more have somewhat fallen by the way side. What we means by this is that many people do not have, or at least do not feel like they have, the same opportunities and possibilities of meeting a potential partner by conventional means, such as frequenting bars or running into somebody at a party. This therefore has quite naturally led to many people searching for a different and potentially easier way of meeting someone for a date, romance or even something more, and it is this search that leads many people to the world of online dating. The online dating industry in fact has grown up around this need for a more modern way of finding a partner, and as the trend mentioned above continues, online dating will only continue to grow and expand.

All of the above therefore, is a description of the positive aspects of online dating, in that this growth and expansion will only serve to continue to make it potentially easier and easier for people to meet and connect online. However, this near exponential growth has meant that there are now hundreds and hundreds of different online dating services to choose from and this plethora of choice can prove more than a little confusing. It is for this reason therefore that the remainder of this article will review, one of the most famous services available, in order to help you to decide if it is the site for you. We will undergo this review by first briefly summarising the site and what it offers, and then analysing reviews from real current and former members, to discern the key advantages offered by the site. General Overview

So, as mentioned above and as with most reviews, ours will start with a brief summary of the site, what it offers and how it works. The first important thing to mention in this area, and a point which must be made by all reviews of, is that the site is a large and hugely famous service. What this means is that it undoubtedly has a huge membership base and can also offer different, more involved features that smaller services simply cannot. These features include the so-called ‘ nights’ where members of the online service can actually opt to attend social occasions in a bar or other venue, safe in the knowledge that every other person there is also a member of the site and therefore is single and there in an attempt to meet somebody new.

Beyond this difference, at face value, the site and service works in a similar way to many of the other larger online dating services, in that it allows users to create a profile and then browse other members’ profiles before deciding whether to contact them in the hope of eventually arranging a meeting. Perusing reviews helps to reveal how the membership works, and in general it is very simple. You can sign up to the service and create a profile for free, but if you wish to benefit from some of the more complex features of the site as well as being able to communicate freely with other members, you do need to upgrade the membership by paying a subscription fee.

So, now that we have a fair idea of how the site works and what it offers its members, it is time to analyse some of these member’s reviews to discern what key advantages are offered by the service. Advantages

When we do look at reviews for from real members, the first notable advantage which is mentioned with great regularity is the fact that the site is easy to use. This may seem like a fairly unimportant fact, but in truth it really isn’t as having a user friendly service means that the service is also accessible to a far greater number of people, regardless of their knowledge of, or ability to use, the internet. A second notable advantage which can be gleaned from reading reviews of is the fact that it does have such a large membership base, and this is certainly a huge advantage over many of the younger and less established online dating sites. This is the case as any positive review which you read will tell you that this large membership means that the site is likely to offer you far more potential ‘matches’ in your area than if there were fewer overall members. Another key advantage which is mentioned in almost all reviews from members is the fact that the online customer care available is second to none, and this is important as reviews for tend to suggest that this produces a feeling of safety and security amongst the sites members. Finally, a further notable advantage mentioned in many reviews of from current and former members, is that the site allows you to find out when another member has read any message from you, which according to most Match dot com reviews lets you know quickly whether they are interested in you or not. Now that we have looked at these reviews on it is time for our own review to summarise what we have discovered. In Conclusion

So, what exactly has our Match dating review told us? Firstly, it has revealed that by being a large service the site can offer members benefits and features which other services just simply cannot. Secondly, members who review tend to talk about the service in glowing terms and this has shown us many advantages offered by the site. Finally, our analysis of Match dating reviews has also shown that if you do wish to dip your toe into the online dating pool, then this site may be a great place to start.

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