Nick and Helen – there’s something special about online dating after all

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Better believe that the right time will come…

And so the fairy tale summary of our meeting and online dating goes the following way… One Saturday evening I was sitting at home, surfing on the internet and decided to visit my profile at in order to update it a bit. I was actually at the point when I was going to give up the idea of the online dating at those free dating websites – at least for a while. And if you want to know the reason for that, I was already tired of the instant messaging like: “Hello, how is it going today? – “Me is fine, thanx. And how are you today?” – “OK. Don’t have much time, so bye for now” – you know, the stuff like that. Perhaps, I wasn’t just lucky enough to meet some girl, who would be an absolute dream for me, that very special girl. Not that I have got a biased opinion about ordinary girls or something like that, of course. I didn’t cherish illusions as for the dating service opportunities provided on the web, but, you know, there definitely had to be some breaking point to change that line of my misfortunes online.

Cause when it comes, you’ll know it!

So that moment happened – I saw a strange message from a girl with a nickname Heylenny30 – I didn’t actually remember how I got a match with her, but she wrote something like: “Ground control calls commander Nick. Do you read us?” It made me think I’m the person who watched too much of the sci-fi movies and was therefore having the pipe dreams. But I answered her: “Reading you clearly. Paint a picture of what’s going on right now in your head, ma’am”. “Oh, a disaster. I can’t fall asleep. Tell me a bedtime story, won’t you?” – came another answer from her. So it went on and those sleepless nights appeared to be a catching disease – although I can’t say I didn’t like them, spending them online together with Helen.

And you know, there was the kind of spark that flashed between us when we met at the cinema in real life at last, I remember that at first moment we just looked at each other and burst out laughing like two happily insane people. “It’s a kind of magic”, I thought to myself then, just the way the guy named Freddy Mercury sang about it. – it turned out that we are so alike in so many important ways… And yet we really balance each other in almost all life aspects. So it seemed quite natural for both of us that we could build a family together. Why not? It’s another miracle, one of those we create for ourselves, this time not waiting for it to come into our life, don’t you think?

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