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I’ll tell you my love story… This is a real love… We lived at a distance of 300 km from each other, but we met on the Internet. In general, many guys wrote to me but I was just amused: I invented stories about myself, sometimes sentimental, sometimes funny… and fantastic… I just spent free winter evenings. Nothing serious, you know.


And then, He wrote to me. He wrote not like everyone else, not so primitively, ‘Hello, how are you?’ He wrote, ‘How do you like it here on this site? ’I was surprised by his impudence. He didn’t even greet me, but behaved as though we were friends for 20 years already. My response was short: ‘Good!’ I thought that he would understand my dissatisfaction, because it has become a custom to write with something similar to => :) in the end of the sentence. ‘Really? You are the only girl that thinks so! Usually the girls are not happy with this site’s guys :)’ – ‘And why should I be unhappy here? People are different, so communicate with anyone who God sends’ .

We chatted for about 4 months after that. And we communicated only online, we didn’t exchange phone numbers and didn’t even ask for this. We discussed all the topics. You know, I’m a very positive person and my mood is almost always great. We always shared our experiences of the day in the evening;we were telling how things were going on… And, of course, everything was ok.

Only once, when I woke up in the morning, I felt that this day promised to be not very good. Now I can firmly say that this day crushed me as a person and radically changed my life. It was June 13th, the day of my graduation party, but I learned a lot of new things about my friends and how they betrayed me. I have never felt so bad before, I was crying so desperately that I couldn’t understand what was going on around me.

My love

In the evening, when I was reassured a little bit, I visited the site of, the very site which I visited every evening. Andy was already there and I had a new message from him: – ‘Hi, Christie! My heart isn’t calm, I am worried! Are you okay?’ And here, ladies and gentlemen, I suddenly realized! There is no other man closer to me than Andy from the dating site. He knows everything! I didn’t hide from him anything. He also told me his innermost secrets and wishes. No, we have never talked about US. I liked this. Yes, I fell in love with this guy. I fell in love with the guy from the network. Andy wrote me later: – “When I saw you, I realized that this is my match and I can love you until the end of my days… and I will be faithful to you.”- I told the same. And this was sincerely. I answered purely and sincerely to the man whom I have never seen or even heard about…

We met on June 28th. We decided to meet at 7 pm, but accidentally met at 6. I nearly lost my consciousness. I hugged him tightly and he did the same… I cuddled with a man who is almost the same age as my mom.

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