Recent research: challenges single parents face during dating


Challenges of dating as a single parent

Being a single parent is probably one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. This delicate balancing act involves about as much discretion and responsibility that any individual could possibly handle. From ensuring that the basic needs of your mini-me’s to being chauffeur, chef and everything in between, taking the helm of this particular vessel can be somewhat intimidating, particularly for parents whose children are young. Single parents may feel the need to explain their dating life to their children, or, in some cases, hide it from them entirely. Although there’s no “comprehensive” solution or strategy for dating as a single parent, those who do find themselves in this situation may be able to benefit from a few tips.

Challenge #1: Finding Time to Date

When juggling the never-ending scheduling demands of the “parent” and “professional” lifestyle, many single parents find it impossible to steal a few moments away for a date or even “alone time”. It should come as no surprise that many single parents attempt to save time and valuable energy by using online dating for single parents as a preferred method for meeting new people. Alexander Greenberg, founder of the new dating platform, added, “Online dating is simply the easiest way to connect with romantic interests outside of your personal or professional circle.”

Challenge #2: Telling Your Children About A New Love Interest

According to a recent study, 68% of single dads using the dating platform waited 3 months or more before introducing a new romantic partner to their children. There’s obviously no “right” way to approach this situation, but, eventually, single parents are forced to disclose their actions to their children. This is, of course, a healthy and appropriate thing to do, as it’s important for children to remain “involved” in a family, particularly after a divorce.

Challenge #3: Knowing the Right Time for PDA

If children are old enough to remember family memories prior to a divorce, it may be difficult for them to see a parent kissing or hugging a new partner that isn’t their mother or father. Parents may choose to set a variety of temporary boundaries that only exist in the presence of their children in order to ensure that their emotional transitions and healing are not disrupted by the presence of a new partner.

Challenge #4: Taking the Next Step

The worst part about dating as a single parent is that children will always remember the missteps and mistakes that occur during this process. In a way, single parents must be even more considerate when pursuing relationships post-separation in order to ensure that A.) everyone feels ok with the actions that are occurring, and B.) the same mistakes won’t necessarily happen again.

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