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There is no doubt that the world of dating and meeting people can be a confusing and frustrating one, and it is for this reason that an increasing number of people are turning to the online dating industry for help in trying to find love. It is for this reason that this online dating industry is growing and expanding apace, and it is doing so both in terms of the overall number of online daters and the number of different services available. As the number of online dating sites does grow almost exponentially, it increases the choice available to potential online daters and this can only be a good thing as it improves the chances of a person being able to find a site which will work for them. It is also the case that this expanded number of dating sites, has also led to their being far more specific sites tailored at offering an online dating experience to different groups of society such as over 50’s and single parents. It is one of the sites from the second of these types which will form the focus of the remainder of this article, and its name is General Overview

The best place to start when attempting a review is with a general overview of what the site aims to offer and how the service works, and the best way to discern this is by first looking at the site itself. According to Singleparentmatch it is ‘the world’s first and best dating site for single mothers and fathers looking for a long term serious relationship’, which tells us that the site caters for single parents and that it is focussed on actual relationships rather than flings or ‘hook ups’. Singleparentmatch therefore differentiates itself from other online dating sites in these two ways and they do complement each other well as single parents will be more interest in serious, real commitments rather than no-strings relationships. In terms of how the membership process works for, it is more similar to other online dating services, in that you can sign up to the site and use some features for free, but do have to pay for membership to fully utilise the service.

So, now that we have a fair idea of the workings of the site, it is time to delve more deeply and discuss some of the advantages that Singleparentmatch offers its members. Advantages

When attempting to produce a useful review, it is important to discuss the real advantages of the site which actual members have and will continue to benefit from, and some of the most notable amongst these are as follows;

- The site offers a variety of different methods of communication between members, including instant messaging.

- As well as the online dating service itself, the site offers hints, tips and guidance for dating which are tailored towards its single parent members.

- The site has a good level of reliable customer service which makes its members feel safer and more secure in using the service.

- The long history of the site produces two distinct further advantages, in that it means that the service has a good size of membership and also that they have experience to draw upon to ensure that the service is as good as it can be. In Conclusion

So what has our summary review of this online dating service told us? It has let us know that this particular site is specifically tailored for single parents looking for serious relationships, and that it has many features which are designed to smooth these very people’s dating experiences. What’s more we have also learnt that the site does have a number of advantages in terms of membership, communication methods and customer support.

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