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The truth is, that for many people, the world of dating and meeting new people has always been a somewhat confusing and foreboding one. It is an unfortunate fact, as a result, that many people are both single and lonely for this very reason, despite the fact that if they had an easier way of connecting with people they would almost certainly find fun, romance and probably even love. It is through this lens that it becomes clear just how important online dating services can be, as they provide these people with exactly the kind of easier way to connect with others than would otherwise be available.

Therefore, it now becomes obvious why the online dating industry is growing in popularity and membership numbers, and is doing so rapidly. However, this growth in the industry, especially in terms of the increasing number of different service, does create a new issue for potential online daters; namely that of how to make sure that they select the right site to suit them. It is with this in mind that we now turn to the issue of, the site which will now form the major focus of this article. The remainder of this article will therefore summarise and review, in an attempt to help you to decide whether this particular site is indeed the one for you. General Overview

The only logical place to start with a review is with a brief overview of what the site purports to provide and how the practicalities of the site work. So, we will first examine what itself claims that it offers, and doing so reveals that the site states that it is ‘the nest place to meet a solo parent like you’. As a result therefore, we can see that the site is designed for single parents, but there are many sites which are similarly focussed, so what is it that makes this site different?

The answer to this question can be argued to be the fact that actually offers its members the option of remaining anonymous and not making their name accessible by other members. This may seem like a bit of a gimmick but for those who are squeamish about their online presence and about having your name publicly available, it may be a significant attraction of the site. A further important fact to mention about the site before we move onto the advantages offered by the site is that it offers completely free membership for a trial period before a member has to pay to continue connecting with other members through the service. Advantages

It is clearly now time for our review to move onto a discussion of the advantages offered by the site, and some of the most notable of these are as follows;

- The free trial membership period offers those who wish to try the site the ability to create a profile and make three connections before they have to decide if they wish to pay to use the service in full.

- The ability to remain anonymous and the other security and safety features of the site make members far more confident and assured of their wellbeing when using the site.

- The four step process to complete your profile is easy to understand and fill out, but is still comprehensive enough to give an accurate impression of members and make the matching process more successful.

- The site has a voice message feature, which is a near unique element amongst online dating sites. In Conclusion

So, it is clear to see that if you are a single parent looking to make connections, have fun and maybe even find love then this site could be the one for you, thanks to the benefits which it can offer you, including a free trial membership and a number of other interesting and innovative features.

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