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Dating is not easy, especially for those single people who live busy lifestyles which leave them with little time or energy to meet new people in conventional ways. It is for this reason that there are now a multitude of online dating service, of all different types, which do provide these very people with an opportunity to get dates, have fun and maybe even find love. The increasing number of these sites is undoubtedly a good thing on the whole as it offers singles with the luxury of choice, but it does also create the issue of trying to find which service is for you. It is with this in mind that this article will attempt to summarise and appraise the service offered by, in order to help you decide whether it offers what you are looking for. General Overview

The best place to start when discussing a site like is to firstly explain in brief exactly what kind of dating service the site does offer. is arguably the best known and most renowned type of dating site which caters to men of higher income who are looking for a ‘sugar babe’’ or woman whom they can share their fortune with and lavish with gifts. In fact is the first and therefore longest lasting site of this type, having been established back in 2002, a fact that also makes the site the largest of its type in terms of number of members. The way in which this particular service works is by allowing members to join for free if they wish to simply upload a handful of photos, browse other profiles and send messages, or to pay a subscription fee in order to utilise the service to its full extent. Advantages

As well as understanding the bare bones of how such a service works, it is also crucial for an article such as this to draw upon sugar reviews from present and past members to draw out what are the important advantages of the site.

Firstly, it is clear to see from almost every review that you will find online, that a major advantage comes from the fact that the site is well established and well known, as this does mean that the number of members is both large and continuously growing. This therefore undoubtedly increases the chances for any member of finding the right person for them to bring them fun, romance and maybe even love.

A second key advantage that this review would be remiss not to mention is the fact that each profile on the site is reviewed by a real person, in an attempt to ensure the upholding of standards of member’s profiles. This is crucial as it does help to prevent the kinds of fake or spam profiles which can blight other websites and make members’ lives more difficult.

Finally, a further advantage found in many a review by members is the fact that it does include innovative and user-friendly one click searches to find both new members and those members who have placed you on their ‘hotlist’. In Conclusion

It is to be expected that a site of this type which has managed to last and grow for over ten years must have some significant advantages and benefits and this is certainly the case. What this means is that if you are either a man or a woman who knows that the ‘sugar daddy’ or ‘sugar babe’ type of relationship may suit you, then this site is certainly amongst the best of those available which cater for that exact arrangement.

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