Talks were easy; we had enough friends in common


It was the perfect time for romance and I just must let it happen

Noel contacted me by email directly, no messing around or sending of kisses, introducing himself in the afternoon I decided to take myself off because I had a lot of dud dates and decided that I should focus on my label and my work and that romance will happen when the time is right, I felt just like the time was not right so was going to just give it a break.

He was at that stage as me, and was giving it a shot just one more time, and I am glad Noel did, and just in time I should add!

We chatted on the phone after sending a couple of messages over 24 hours and as soon as we started speaking I felt like I’d just reconnected with my long lost friend. Talks were easy, we had enough friends in common – it was strange that we had not crossed paths at a particular stage in our lives. We told very similar goals and stories in life.

He was working up north and we had to expect an entire week to get an ability to have the first date. We were a little apprehensive both to meet as we loved the communication over the phone and messages and hoped that the same elusive “chemistry” could be there when we met in person.

Although cliché, it was a true love at first sight! It was even the same when he first saw my profile photo – he thought that if he could have that woman that he saw in those photos that he was going to get married with her and wanted to spend the rest of life with her.

So we have almost every day spent together from then. Recently moving in, and engaged to get married, well whenever that will be – no rush. We know that we are just committed to each other forever.

All I should say is that my feeling is that I’ve met my soul mate, a man of honesty and integrity and someone who respects and cares me. So, clearly I was wrong, it was an ideal time for romance; I just had to allow it happen on its own!

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