Thank you for finding the love of my life


I first saw Alison’s profile, when I opened an email from with my matches from Cupid. I still remember seeing her photo, and saying “Wow!” I initially was a bit tentative to contact her, because to be honest I thought she would probably receive a mountain of attention (which she did!) and considering myself a rather average looking guy, I didn’t think I’d stand a chance.

I thought, “What have I got to lose?” and sent her a “Kiss” regardless. I waited on tender hooks for a few days, and received no reply, and thought “Oh well, I suspected as much…”.

Then I thought to myself: “There is something about this girl, don’t give up so easily…”

I proceeded to write a rather long winded, but humorous email, which I hoped would get her attention. IT WORKED!! WooHoo! I realised at that point that Alison had a similar sense of humour.

We corresponded by email for a week or two, then progressed on to chatting online, and we seemed to have a really good rapport. I finally bit the bullet and asked if she would like to meet.

We decided to meet at The Brewery in Newcastle at lunchtime. We were both very nervous, but we hooked up and hit it off really well. I asked her if she would like to do dinner, but told her she didn’t have to answer right away, I didn’t want to put her on the spot, or make her feel awkward. She said that wouldn’t be necessary, and said dinner would be great.

We had a great night, sitting out on the forecourt, and were totally oblivious to our surroundings, not even realising when the restaurant had closed, until one of the waitresses came out and offered us “Staffies” drinks! We had a staff drink or two, and went for a walk, we had our first kiss…

We met the next morning for coffee, and spent the day walking, talking and checking out the markets

From that weekend on, we have spent every weekend together, and on Christmas day 2009, I asked Alison to marry me…she said “Really!” I said ” Of course Really! ” She said “Really!” again, and I produced the ring, and said “Yes, really!!” She threw her arms around me and said “YES”.

I actually bought Alison an engagement ring 6 months previously, but decided to wait to make sure I wasn’t jumping in too early, and that it wasn’t just an infatuation. 18 months on and I love her more than ever. We plan to marry before the end of the year.

Thank you, for finding me the love of my life.

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