The best city for singles: Minneapolis


Minneapolis is one of the best cities for singles, study says

As a person who has been close to the dating block for a couple-fourteen-fifteen times, ask me and I will tell you that Minneapolis is a very good place for singles, at least until you have been on dates with a half of Uptown and now as a result have to keep a head on a swivel when you are out in public.

But do not take my words for it and listen to the peoples at, who gave Minneapolis on the seventh place as the best city in the entire country for people who are single yet and willing to mingle.

Certainly, some would argue that mobile dating websites like Match and Zoosk make it very easy to meet possible heartbreakers/hookups/mates pretty quickly wherever you are now, but the “study” of is concerned with dating people using the old-fashioned way, out and about.

Apartment and living costs

This study concerns itself also with the one-bedroom apartments cost, because after all, if you do not live with someone else (relative, friend), it can be enough difficult to avoid irritating your roommate with an uncomfortable soundtrack late at night if things go really very well.

The study says that relatively inexpensive living costs and affordable rental rates make Minneapolis an incredible city for the singles to live within their means here. Take away your headphones to enjoy a great music with other singles at Minneapolis Music and movies in the Parks. Look at a potential match through a walk in Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis or demonstrate your intellect to your friends at the current night at a pub.

The percentage of singles

One thing that keeps Minneapolis city toward the bottom of the list top 10 is that the single adults’ percentage here is low when compare with other cities, at least as long as we are not comparing ourselves to Des Moines. Here is the full top 10 list:

10. Chicago (23 percent)

9. Jersey City (23 percent)

8. Portland (24 percent)

7. Mpls (25 percent)

6. Philadelphia (26 percent)

5. Seattle (30 percent)

4. Boston (33 percent)

3. Washington, D.C. (38 percent)

2. NYC (38 percent)

1. San Francisco (39 percent)

Between Minneapolis as a great city for single people and St. Paul ranking as the best romantic city in entire North America, just one thing not to like as for dating in these Twin Cities is that women in Minneapolis are doubtless some of the most fastidious in the U.S. No wonder I am still single…

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