Wingman – new app to meet new people while flying


What’s Wingman?

Currently looking for a new mobile dating website or an app? Then, have you ever dreamt of meeting someone for dating during the flight, somewhere in the sky at 28,000 feet height above sea? It seems that with a new app called Wingman you have got such an opportunity. After all, why not since airplane flights are now the part of our every-day life, it’s natural that sooner or later, but such an app would have appeared to connect you with the attractive fellow passengers on your flight.

Tinder has made it simple to find someone at sea level. Wingman is aimed at radical altering of the air dating. As a matter of fact, it’s the first software attempt to take the dating to the mile height. Operating pretty much like Tinder, this newly developed app allows its users to create profiles with personal photos, first name, age and their occupation. The only difference is that you will also fill in your flight number and the airline name that you are traveling with, so that Wingman could make out a list of passengers on the same flight with you, who also use it. With either an in-flight offered Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, Wingman will let you date someone through any of the flights. So for now you can forget about your nasty seating arrangement and snoring neighbours, fully engaged with browsing profiles of air travelers aboard, who are flying with you. And, of course, some things remain the same – you can swipe right or left to indicate “yes” or “no” and have the match.

Some of the cons to be mentioned

Meantime, Wingman app is still in its beta stage and hasn’t been approved by Apple yet. Still you can sign up to stay informed and follow its development process in order to take part in the beta test launch when Wingman is released.

And it would be a mere exaggeration to say that this new app will make you forget about apps like Hinge and Tinder. Promising you new exciting encounters in flight, the app doesn’t guarantee you anything. Actually, Wingman is seen as a good idea in theory, but what as for a couple of nuances… For example, if you’re looking for a date, what about the number or people to choose from? At best, the plane will have a capacity of nearly 500 people. But how many of these people will be married/ confirmed bachelors/elderly ones? Also, today many people aboard any flight are children. That’s it – the whole idea of Wingman seems to be a little bit far-fetched.

At the same time nothing can prevent you from just having fun using this app out of sheer curiosity and communicate with people to stave off boredom of the flight.

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